Advanced Statistical Tables

Advanced Statistical Tables

Advanced statistical fun


  • Staggering range of distributions


  • Users need a good level of mathematics

Very good

If you are someone with a passion for statistical analysis or someone with an absolute hatred and a need for assistance perhaps you could do with this piece of software to help. It's a rather complete package and as someone who dropped mathematics at the first opportunity it certainly has enough to keep me confused. Advanced Statistical Tables allows users to calculate PDF, CDF and inverse CDF for distributions including Gaussian, Student's t, F and chi-square.

One of the best features for me is the quick reference on parameter ranges and applications which all come with online help that is quick and easy to read and, importantly, to understand. The range of distributions is staggering encompassing exponential, gamma, beta, negative, geometric and poisson and they all come in original Greek font.

Advanced Statistical Tables provides users with the opportunity to calculate PDF, CDF and inverse CDF for a variety of probability distributions directly on their Palm device, including normal (Gaussian), Student's t, F, chi-square, exponential, beta, gamma, Poisson, binomial, negative binomial, geometric and hypergeometric. What sets Advanced Statistical Tables apart from similar programs is its intuitive user interface and inverse CDF calculation which is being extensively used for hypothesis test. In addition to fast convenient and solid answers, a handy quick reference on parameter ranges and applications is also embedded for anyone doing statistical calculations. The range of possible applications of Advanced Statistical Tables is virtually unlimited, such as design of experiments, engineering statistics, financial analysis, biostatistics, clinical research, probability calculations for lotteries and gambling operations.


  • PDF, CDF and inverse CDF calculations for 12 probability distributions;
  • On-screen online help of parameter ranges and applications;
  • Calculation history;
  • Convenient popup digit keypad;
  • Configurable decimal places for calculation results;
  • Embedded Greek font, no need external font file.

Advanced Statistical Tables


Advanced Statistical Tables

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